Job Posting Tips is Canada’s largest and only dedicated cybersecurity job portal. It not only has the benefit of being dedicated 100% to cybersecurity but being tied to the largest network of Canadian cybersecurity members; the Canadian Cybersecurity Network which has over 11,400+ members.

Note: To thank Canadian cybersecurity employers and members for their great support in getting the network launched, we are allowing all job posts to to be free till September 2022.

All COOP/Internship jobs will be free as we move forward as well to encourage employers to post COOP/Internship jobs for students, so they have more job opportunity access.

Here are the steps and advice to getting the most out of your job postings.

1) If you have never posted a job here before, go to Post a Job to open an account. Make sure you put a logo, and a vibrant company description as this will allow candidates to get to know your company and culture. Logos also add to a companies’ image and in establishing trust with candidates.

2) Once you are posting your job description, make sure to make it more like advertising, sell the company, the opportunity. Candidates wanted to be excited to work for your company, share some of the duties and responsibilities but get them to excited to apply.

3) Pick the right job type, and category which is key for job searching. Add a location or if remote add that instead of a location (most candidates are now looking for this option).

4) Add tags to ensure candidates can do job searches so your job can be found amongst the others. Tags like #analyst, #malware, #devops, #blueteam #SOC, etc. will help candidates find a job to fit their skills.

5) To really make your job stand out pay a little extra to Pin your Job at the top or Mark as Featured

6) After posting your job make sure you use the social media on the right-hand side of the job description to send it to your companies or individual Facetime, LinkedIn or Twitter pages. To send to other pages cut and past the URL on the job page where your job is and post it to other social media account you or your company may have. Get all your employees to do the same. The more they share the more visibility and branding you will get.

7) A great strategy to use is to send employees to your Employer an example page is this Telus page:

Take advantage of job subscription packages to reduce your cost of job postings. You can buy now and use as you go

To get the same effect go to Companies on the menu, search your company name and then cut and paste the URL address above and send it out to social media advertising all your jobs at once.