Finding top sales and marketing talent in a tough economy is hard to do

  • Recruiting
  • By Francois Guay
  • Published on January 2, 2023

There is no better time than during a difficult economic period to show how you stand out from the competition. As someone who recruits top sales and marketing talent, we are seeing professionals being much more selective around choosing their next employer as to significantly reduce their risk. Many sales and marketing professionals are staying with their current employers, hoping to stay on for the ride to a better market.

Employers, just because the economy and job market are tighter does not mean you cannot be competitive on salary. Top talent requires aggressive compensation with sales incentives, aggressively set up OTE, bonuses and stock positions. Not to say anything about where your culture and products need to be to attract great people.

Candidates, before taking an offer do your research, talk to colleagues and trusted partners about compensation and the opportunity. Making the right choice not only defines your career but your financial stability.

Finding the right sales and marketing talent is harder to find in a tough economy, since the skills and talent required during such a time are much more complex and broader. Good recruiting and job hunting everyone, 2023 is off with a bang.