Pricing & Packages

Post 1 job
C$ 100.00
Billed Only Once

1 single job post for a duration of 30 days. Nice and simple.

Subscription (up to 3 job posts a month)
C$ 225.00
Billed Monthly

Post up to 3 jobs a month. Be identified as featured employer

1 job post + pins your job at the top of the job board
C$ 150.00
Billed Only Once

This will give you one job posting + pin your job post to the top of the job page for 30 days.

Feature your company
C$ 50.00
Billed Only Once

This will feature you as an employer on our home page.

Free Job Post
C$ 0.00

Until the end of March we are making job posts free to employers. This is in support of the rash of recent layoff's and company reductions. This also supports employers who are struggling.